Improving Adolescent Health and Wellbeing in Malawi

We are working with adolescents, family and community members, health workers, policy makers, and other organizations to design, implement and evaluate approaches to improving adolescent health and wellbeing.

How we work

We are working with adolescents, parents and guardians and other interested parties to develop promising approaches to improve their health and wellbeing using a multi-sectoral approach. The following are our main work strands:

Capacity Strengthening and Training

Economic and Policy Frameworks

Formative Research and Longitudinal Observatory

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and Adolescents

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Inspiring Adolescent Wellbeing

We are a joint research initiative of:

News and Events

Finally, the chance to return!

Finally, the chance to return!

By Dr. Tara Beattie My last visit to Malawi was just before Covid19 hit in 2020, and obviously during the pandemic opportunity to come out was very restricted. I was then disappointed I couldn’t attend the project launch meeting in November 2022. So when the...